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Electric Mondays at BMFA Buckminster 

Many of us meet for Free Flight Mondays at Buckminster. A season ticket for Buckminster is £80, or you can simply pay £10 for entrance payable on the day. There are toilets, washing facilities, tea making facilities, and the site is well maintained.  In March, April, May, June, and July, Peter Gibbons and Luke Goymour will run E20 competitions adopting the NFFS rules as outlined on the 'about' page, and a second event to the Peterborough Open Rules.  E30 and E36 may also be run as supporting events.* A small entry fee (£3) means we will have cash prizes for first place, as well as certificates for First, Second and Third.  Most importantly, there will be lots of free flight fun!  

So how about it? Why not build a model and come and compete in a friendly competition on a Monday at Buckminster? Electric Mondays’ for 2022 will be 21st March, 25th April, 16th May, 4th July, and 18th July. Competitions will run from 11 – 4 pm with any fly offs occurring shortly after. Perhaps see you there?  

*E30 and E36 will only be  run as informal ad-hoc events if people show up wanting to compete, the main competition is for E20 

Results  Round 1 (First three places only)

E20 Duration

1. Luke Goymour (Micro Pearl)

2. Peter Gibbons (Own Design)

3. David Gibbons (Veron Skyrod)

Open E20

1. Luke Goymour (Super E20)

2. Chris Grant (Ferry 500)

3. Peter Gibbons (Own design)

Results Round 2 

E20 Duration (20 sec motor run 90 sec max)

1. Luke Goymour ("Advent" O/D)

2. Peter Gibbons (O/D)

3. Gerry Williamson (O/D)

Open E20 (8 sec motor run 45 sec max)

1. Jonathan Whitmore (Ferry 500 ??)

2. Luke Goymour (Super E20)

3. Peter Gibbons (O/D)

Results Round 3

E20 Duration (20 Sec run)

1. Luke Goymour

2. Gerry Williamson

3. Peter Gibbons

E20 Open Rules (10 sec run)

1. Jonathan Whitmore

2. Chris Grant

Results Round 4 ( 14 Sec Run) 

1. Gary Dickens flying a Mini Hawk

2. Peter Gibbons flying his own design

3. Luke Goymour flying Super E20/Micro Sattelite

Results Round 5

E20 Duration (20 sec run)

1. Luke Goymour

2.  Peter Gibbons

3. David Ginns

E20 Open Duration (10 Sec)

1. Peter Gibbons

2. Luke Goymour

3. David Ginns

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