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The International E20 Postal Competition

Celebrating 100 Years of Model Flying in the UK

July 1st to July 31st Inclusive


Flights must take place on a day in July, All entries are to be sent to Mr Peter Gibbons at  by Midnight GMT on 2nd August 2022 (You should get an acknowledgement email when submitting your results, any problems please contact us through the contact page on this website) 


The Rules


Fixed Category: E20


  1. Model Eligibility:

  2. The projected wingspan shall not exceed 20” (508mm).

  3. No auto-surfaces are allowed, except dethermalizers

  4. The minimum total model weight including battery shall be at least 1 ounce (28.35grms)

  5. Models shall use a single 8.5 mm x 20 mm coreless electric motor. No gear drives are allowed.

  6. The propeller shall not exceed 2.7 inches (68.58mm) in diameter.

  7. The battery shall be one standard single cell LiPo battery of any capacity (mAh) (1s is nominally 3.7V - The max charge of a single cell is approx 4.2V) a battery of any capacity (mAh) may be used, however, HV batteries are specifically not allowed in the fixed category.*

*Supply of lipo batteries varies in different countries and regions. If you are unable to easily obtain a standard lipo it is permissible to use a HV Lipo in the Fixed Category, however, it must be charged to a maximum of 4.2V only (not the full voltage of 4.35V) 


Open E20 Category

Open E20 incorporates both the Fixed Category and the rules flown as the Peterborough Open E20 Class which has been flown in the UK and in NZ. The rules are:

  1. Models must have a maximum 20" projected wingspan (508mm)

  2. Any motor, propeller, battery and timer are permitted. (note any battery, thus HV LiPos are allowed in open Cat!)

  3. The motor run will be a maximum of 8 secs* 

  4. Models must have a dethermalizer fitted.

  5. No minimum or maximum model weight.

  6. The competition comprises three flights to a 60 second Max  


* The Open Category means two styles of E20 models can be flown competitively against each other.

A model which is legal for the Fixed Category may also fly in this Open Category, but note a Fixed Category model, fitted with a standard LiPo can have a maximum of 10-sec motor run as opposed to the 8 sec for an unrestricted set-up. This is because, at least in theory, it is possible to use larger and brushless motors flying to Peterborough Open Rules. If desired, it is also possible to fly a Fixed Category model in the Open Category with a HV LiPo, reducing the motor run in this case, to 8 Sec. 





The motor run for all flights and fly-off(s) shall be 20s maximum in Fixed Category and 10 Sec/8 Sec (depending on model) in Open Category.


The motor time starts on the release of the model and ends when power to the motor ceases.


The maximum for each flight shall be 90 Sec in Fixed Category and 60 Sec in Open Category and three flights will be flown.

Two attempts are allowed for each flight in cases of flights under 20s or motor runs over 20s or 10s/8s respectively.

In the event of a full score, the contestant is invited to record an additional  Fly-off flight, which is unlimited.

Motor run (20s/10/8s) remains the same for the fly-off 

All flights must be recorded by a timekeeper, whose name, and contact details are supplied with the flight score.

A flight is deemed to have ended when the model lands or when the timekeeper can no longer see the model whichever occurs first

The contestant is allowed to use two models, including any fly-off(s).

How to enter?

Entry is free, simply make your flights on a day in July (2022) and submit your flight times, rounded down in whole secs, with your name, country, model and timekeeper to


Example of a perfect score with a fly-off:

Fixed Category (Same for Open Cat', but with 60 Sec Max) 

Graham Green, USA, Flight 1:  90 sec, Flight 2: 90 sec   Flight 3: 90 sec Fly/Off 184 sec (Model: Own Design) Timekeeper: John Johnson - email 

Example of dropped flights:

John Jonson, UK, Flight 1: 80 Sec Flight 2: 90 Sec Flight 3: 88 Sec (Model: E-Buzzard) Timekeeper Jane Sarchie - email 

Results will be published on Website and Facebook Group by Mid-August 2022


Cups and certificates for the first three places in both categories 

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